What’s New With iPhone 3.0 OS?

March 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Apple iPhone

Apple recently released a beta version of its upcoming iPhone OS 3.0. The new version primarily offers the anticipated addition of the cut and paste feature into the iPhone as just among several others. And iPhone seems to succeed once again in trying to attract and catch the attention of iPhone users with their new enhancements to be made available this coming summer.

Adding the cut and paste feature can be quite a challenge since users have to make do with the limited space that the display screen of the iPhone provides. But the way this feature was designed on the iPhone GUI seems to work pretty well.

Cutting and pasting paragraphs and sections displayed on the iPhone screen can be a matter of tap and drag. Tapping on a selected text brings out a small pop out menu or bubble with buttons for cut and paste. The markers are then dragged into sections of text and then copied for cutting and pasting. The cursor is then positioned on the paste target and the user taps to paste the selected text or section into the bubble or pasteboard and that is all there is to it. In case of a botched cutting procedure, all the user needs to do is to shake the iPhone to undo a paste.

Another addition being welcomed in the version 3.0 OS is the availability of the Spotlight feature that came from the Mac OS X. Users are now able to search for any files, folders or apps contained in the iPhone. This will help minimize the time to look for apps and files by doing away with going through the iPhone menu step by step. The search feature provides a list of links that users can click on as they type a keyword on the search box.

Another added feature is the release of 1,000 new API’s (application programming interfaces) that will allow third party developers to create new apps for the iPhone. Current owners of iPhones would be getting the update for free while owners of iTouch will have to dish out $9.95 to get the updates on their device.

Image Source: Apple