Internet Explorer 8 Debuts

March 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has recently made its Internet Explorer 8 web browser available for free download on its site. The recent offering from the software giant aims to enhance its user base and attract new users on the web browser market. Or would it?

The Internet Explorer 8 surely may be something worth looking at with its touted new features. These features offer something new that many browser users may find useful. There is the Web Slice which allows users to look into their favorite Web pages as small snippets to check for updates instead of visiting the websites outright. This is a pretty unique at-a-glance feature in IE8 that would help users prevent browser clutter when opening more and more tabs that an online user eventually copes up with.

Another feature that the IE8 offer is the Accelerators. This feature can help users do away with usually repetitive tasks by making some of the common ones accessible by a few clicks. Users, for example, can now get definitions to words by simply highlighting them and double clicking. This will bring up a blue box that will contain a drop down list of choices, including searching for the word’s definition. Clicking on a choice would then show the user the precise piece of information being looked for. That is how Accelerators make everything simpler for the user.

These add-on features are not included by default when downloading the new IE8. But then there are also other things to consider when finally deciding whether the new IE8 can be a worthy replacement to the current web browser you are using. There are things such as speed and performance to think about.

Some benchmarking tests made on the new IE8 finds it somewhere among the slowest of the web browsers in terms of speed. Now that may say a lot in terms of how this web browser may improve user experience through its own performance. Although being still on top in terms of the number of usage, the Internet Explorer may find itself getting into tighter competition with the other new versions of web browsers coming from Mozilla, Google and Apple showing better and more improved models.

If IE8 does not improve in terms of speed, then it may dwindle its share in the web browser market sometime soon like what it has recently been experiencing.