Gmail Now Supports Undo Send Feature

March 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

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Despite the recent troubles concerning outages that many Gmail users have experienced and complained about, their Gmail account is still very much up and running. One can just wonder why the beta testing has been going along for so long now. Well anyway, Gmail is about to add another feature for the users to test out.

The said new feature added into it may just help appease some of the worries and complaints that some account users have had recently. Or will it? One will never truly know for sure. The new feature being talked about that is still in the testing stage and offered by Gmail Labs to its users is the new Undo Send feature.

It is a common experience for many people to send a wrong email addressed to the wrong person. The realization usually hits a person in just a span of seconds after clicking on the Send button. Once that button is hit, the wrongly sent email can no longer be corrected, that is, except for sending out another email to the same recipient containing apologies for the mistake. It can be a pretty embarrassing situation. For that reason, the Undo Send was developed.

The Undo Send feature looks quite simple enough to understand. It may help email senders undo any sent emails within the first five seconds of hitting that Send button and realizing the mistake. This feature might just become quite handy for email users who always make mistake sending the wrong emails to people who shouldn’t be receiving them.

The Undo Send is currently in the testing stage for Gmail Labs but is made available for Gmail users to try out. It can be a matter of enabling or disabling along with the other added Gmail features available. Bugs may be present and Gmail Labs would like to know about it from the comments of the very people who wish to use it.

Many people say the Undo Send feature should have been around a lot earlier. But if it were not for the discovery of such common mistakes in email sending, people would not have seen the value of such a feature in the first place. Oh well, email sending mistakes are already in the past. We’ll just have to get over it.