Google Invests in Pixazza

March 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Pixazza Logo

Google is investing in a new online start up worth US5.75 million. The said start up, Pixazza, aims to gain from trying to place links to photos on the Web that will lead people to buy products featured on the images. Quite an interesting idea to have. This might just be the reason why online search giant Google found it interesting enough to invest in.

Pixazza, a start up company based in Mountain View, California developed and will be launching a technology that can be used by advertisers and Web publishers to identify products in certain photos and then have links provided that will lead to online merchant partners and allow interested online users to purchase the products seen on the photos.

According to Pixazza’s Chief Executive, Bob Lisbonne, you can compare this technology to that of Google AdSense. In the AdSense format, Google analyzes the text contained on partner websites and then places ads relevant to the content on the site pages. In place of text, Pixazza makes use of images and website photos instead. It still remains unclear whether Google took interest in the new e-commerce start up due to its similarities with AdSense.

Pixazza would be seeking out the help of online users who may help identify products and then place tags on them that will lead to Pixazza’s partner merchant sites. Of course not everyone would automatically qualify for the image tagging tasks since the company might still be reviewing if the right tags are placed on the right items before approving them. But for those singled out to be doing the job quite well, Pixazza will then be offering a share of the revenue obtained from its advertisers for every sale made.

The technology that Pixazza will be offering may help provide additional incremental income for owners and publishers of websites. This can be done by simply adding the said technology for images on the web pages. There would be no need to reserve or allocate valuable Web page space just for this purpose. It certainly has that potential to be widely embraced in the future. The potential for earning revenues on the Web might have convinced Google to have a stake in such a venture.