OnLive: Gaming On the Cloud

April 1st, 2009 at 12:00 am

OnLive Games On Demand

The cloud computing concept is exciting the gaming community, with the OnLive gaming service finally starting its operations. This online gaming service is offering a unique concept that gamers would really get interested on fast.

The typical gaming experience usually is composed of a gaming console, TV or PC and a game title. The gamer puts the game CD into the gaming console or the PC CD slot in order to play the game. But that is not all there is to it. The quality of the gaming experience would also depend on the console or PC specs.

Some games might require more memory use than others which might affect the way the games are being played. Some gamers might be limited to play only the game titles available in their area. Availability and cost of the more popular game titles also go together and further become a limit to some gamers. All these can have an effect on gamer reception as well as experience.

This might be something that OnLive would try to change with its new Games on Demand concept. At first look, OnLive might be just like any other gaming system. It also has its own OnLive MicroConsole unit that gamers connect to their TV, personal or laptop computers. But then, the similarities might just end there. What makes OnLive different is that it operates "on a cloud".

If many online experts are trying to push for the acceptance of cloud computing among today’s online users, then it might do well in attracting avid gamers into the fold. And OnLive may be doing just that. The OnLive cloud gaming concept might just help make more and more people become aware of the whole idea and the benefits behind cloud computing.

What the OnLive gaming service does is that it allows users or subscribers to connect into the Internet and be able to choose from a wide number of popular gaming titles that the said gaming service offers. A chosen title then can be played online right from somewhere in the cloud. The gamer doesn’t have to download the games in order to play them. And because of this, the quality of game play no longer has to depend on the quality of the hardware, only on the quality of one’s Internet connection.

Another advantage is that gamers no longer have to directly buy the game titles from stores in order to play them. They can immediately play it through OnLive when it is made available without having to cough up more money. The new concept surely has made a lot of avid gamers quite excited.

Despite all the excitement, OnLive remains on beta testing for now. The company is eyeing for a public launch sometime late this year. They haven’t yet released how much the said subscription would cost or the number of game titles they will make available for the service. And because of this, so much still remains to be discovered.

OnLive still may have a lot to prove and make true to what they have so far been saying to excite quite a lot of enthusiastic gamers. But if they do succeed at this, count it up as another point for the believers in cloud computing.