Yahoo Messenger iPhone App Arrives

April 8th, 2009 at 12:00 am

YM For iPhone

Finally, Yahoo recently puts out an iPhone app of its Yahoo Messenger service. It may have taken awhile for Yahoo to figure out that having a Yahoo Messenger app for iPhones would likely work to their advantage. Other IM apps have already been available for iPhone users to consider by this time. But then, it is a case of better late than never, don’t you think?

The YM for iPhone app generally has the same core features found on the desktop version of the Yahoo Messenger. Users can send IM as well as SMS messages. The app also supports the use of animated emoticons as well as allowing making status updates, adding contacts and share photos.

The Yahoo Messenger iPhone app also features a special idle state mode whenever you try to leave using the app without logging off to take a call or use other apps. It automatically puts you on idle mode for at least 10 minutes. You may still be able to catch the chat messages that your YM friends once you get back to the app. But after the ten minutes are up, you might need to log back in again.

There have already been other iPhone apps available that have allowed iPhone users to get access and chat with their YM contacts. Getting into the fray may be something that Yahoo should have done a long time ago. But then, it’s a new market that they are trying out to gain better coverage and it can still be a good thing. The YM app for iPhones can be downloaded for free either from the Yahoo Messenger site or from iTunes.