YouTube Strikes Deal with Entertainment Companies for Content

April 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

YouTube Logo

Widely popular online video hosting site YouTube may be on the way of following in Hulu’s footsteps in terms of having uploaded studio content. It has recently made deals with several entertainment companies such as Sony Pictures, CBS, MGM, BBC and Lionsgate Entertainment in order to acquire thousands of television shows and films for viewing on the website. The new content would only be made available in the US.

This bunch of professionally made content from the entertainment studios will have their own area on the popular website. YouTube has redesigned the site to include a "Shows" tab where the studio content can be browsed and viewed by its users. YouTube executives further said that its deal with Sony Pictures may someday lead to posting several full-length feature films on the site aside from the TV shows owned by the major entertainment studio.

This deal and similar others like it might be going on towards the right path for both the entertainment industry and YouTube, which was once being insinuated by a majority of the former as a haven for pirated material and a formidable threat to their business. Such deals would only help both camps into finding a middle ground that would not only settle their own differences and concerns but also help satisfy the needs of the online public.

The deal may also help offer a means for the major entertainment studios to finally have their copyrighted material become more accessible online the legal way. It may even provide a possible means of adding possible revenue streams for some of the struggling studios out there. But a lot of creases may still need to be ironed out for that one.

Although content from the studio partners being offered on YouTube for now are material that are already several years old, there are no complaints. At least this time, there are no conflicts and fewer disagreements involved. People online would gladly welcome the opportunity of getting access to studio content through YouTube. It is definitely a step towards the right path.