AnySource Media Gets New Capital Infusion For HDTV Platform

April 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

AnySource Media Logo

Imagine viewing popular Internet videos conveniently being streamed into your HDTV? That would sound cool, right? Well, that is what AnySource Media will try to do with the Internet-enabled HDTV platform it is developing. It seems times are hopeful for the new company since it recently raised an additional $3.2 million worth of new funding from new investors- NextStage Capital, Murex Investments and other individual investors.

AnySource Media counts on its Internet Video Navigator or IVN platform to enable HDTV’s to someday display increasingly popular videos coming from the Internet and take it out of its current PC viewing set up. This new platform would allow HDTV’s to someday feature not only content from TV networks, cable channels and video players but also those videos being sourced out from the Internet. The IVN platform is said to work well with current HDTV hardware.

What the IVN client software can do is offer Internet videos right out of the living room HDTV, with possibly the remote control being used for content navigation. It may offer the viewing convenience on HDTV sets that for now may be viewed on personal computers. It may also be a means to help limit the means of users to copy Internet video content as well as hacking. With the launch for such HDTV capabilities targeted later this year, it still seems uncertain whether who will someday welcome the set up. But then, the concept seems attractive enough and should be worth a try.

Image Source: AnySource Media