Best Buy Has New Rival

April 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

With the death of a competitor in the electronics market, here comes another. With the demise of Circuit City, it seems that the electronics giant Best is looking out after another possible rival in the consumer electronics market. Best Buy is currently refocusing its efforts on trying to match wits with another giant, the world’s largest retailer that is Walmart.

Best Buy may have felt threatened in a way by Walmart trying to position itself as a major player in providing low-price options for consumer electronics. With Circuit City out of the way, Best Buy is trying to match up with what Walmart is trying to offer its consumer electronics customers. And Best Buy will try to do this while trying to offer added customer services and sprucing up its stores for a more enhanced consumer experience.

The battle may not be more obvious than in the HDTV front. Walmart is trying to add more brands of HDTV’s in its store lineup. On the other hand, Best Buy plans to match its HDTV prices with those from Walmart to try and even things out. Now, that may come out as a healthy rivalry that benefits the consumers. Now, if only more people would have the money to buy those huge HDTV’s during this nasty recession, all would be quite well, thank you very much.