Yahoo Lay Offs for Improvement

April 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo is still going through tough times. It still plans to lay off around 600 to 700 of its people. The online search company, second on the list behind Google, is stemming down on costs due to the slower advertising sales partially brought about by the global economic downturn. The plan was unveiled after its new CEO, Carol Bartz, released the company’s financial results for the first quarter.

Despite the planned layoffs, the company remains upbeat for the next quarter. With the first quarter financial results matched analyst estimates, Yahoo expects higher sales in the next quarter. The company is focusing on trying to cut down on costs as a means to ride out the economic downturn. But other than that, other plans may also be in the works.

According to reports, the layoffs may also be intended to try and have Yahoo follow the path that its new CEO has in store for the company. The layoffs may allow space for new job openings in areas the company wants to invest more into. Another plan includes trimming up its product portfolio and concentrate on investments in Yahoo’s bigger and most important Internet properties.

According to the new Yahoo CEO, the company is on the path towards hiring engineers that would help create a unified global platform for Yahoo’s major properties. Currently, Yahoo works on a scattered technology infrastructure, especially with different countries using different systems. According to Bartz, the differences have made it more difficult for the company to adapt quickly and add new features across the different Yahoo properties in different countries. With a unified platform, Yahoo aims to streamline its activities and extend its focus on more than just the US market.

Source: CNET