Kachingle Your Way to Online Publishing Dollars

May 11th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Kachingle Logo

Kachingle, a website for online content, is set to launch sometime in the middle of this year. What it aims to do is provide Internet content publishers with a means to make money online. Sure, it would seem such a long shot for some people who think that the Internet is all about free stuff. But what Kachingle may offer to such online content providers is a possible option to earn while publishing their content online.

The basic idea behind Kachingle may be something that you have heard before (or maybe even not). But what the site aims to do is too create a revenue distribution scheme for its online content providers based on the number of visits made by registered members. The distribution or revenue would be based on the number as well as the length of time users spent on each site.

The money would come from the $5 per month that users on the site would be contributing. The fee planned is to be a voluntary option, of course. But what the site would do is that it will allow the users to indicate which sites they would want to support based on which ones they enjoy reading and visiting. At the end of each month, the accumulated monthly fees would then be distributed to the chosen sites, depending on how much time the users have spent on them.

When it comes to earning revenue online, many online content providers face many challenges since the Internet has been initially developed for sharing information for free. And for many years, newspapers do not even make as much as a glance to the idea of earning revenue for their online content. But times have changed. Newspapers and most of printed media sales currently have been on a decline due to a number of people getting quite accustomed of getting their news on the Web. Faced with this decline, many conventional media publishers are looking into the online model anew for added revenue.

The general interest of many newspaper publishers is what keeps Kachingle’s hopes up along with the several other inquiries that they have been getting lately on their brand of revenue sharing model. The solution to an income stream that they are offering might be far from perfect yet. But it does offer an interesting twist to how it may still be possible for online content providers to have the means to earn substantially from their efforts; just enough to maybe survive and offer online content another day. It is something to hope for, especially for online content publishers and of newspapers going through a tough time finding new customers.



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