Wolfram Alpha Aided By Supercomputer

May 13th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Wolfram Alpha and R Systems

Prior to its upcoming launch this month, Wolfram Alpha will be getting the aid of R Systems for some supercomputing power. That is right. Wolfram Alpha is trying to get its highly awaited launch problem-free by any means possible. This includes trying to make sure that it may have the capacity to carry the huge load of traffic that opening the site to the online public for the first time can impose.

For some supercomputer boost, Wolfram Research is making use of R Systems’ R Smarr supercomputer. Considered as 66th in the world in terms of computing power, this system contains 4,608 processor cores that use 576 quad core Intel "Harpertown" Xeon processors. With 65,536 GB worth of memory and a high speed InfiniBand data transfer connection, this supercomputer would likely give Wolfram Alpha a computing power boost, since it is not exactly known just how heavy the traffic may come into the site right after its launch.

It may be a case of setting up a good impression among its first time users. Wolfram Alpha is really trying to establish itself as a serious player in the search engine market by offering a more data intensive online search system that may or may not be a threat to the current giant Google, pending real time comparisons. It will all depend on how it may perform during its launch and how its public users will ultimately react to it. And when it comes to computing power, Wolfram Alpha now has R Smarr to carry the load for them. All it will boil down to is how this new knowledge search engine will eventually appeal to Internet users much like how Google did when it first came out