Apple Tablet PC Rumors

May 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

Apple Logo

You’ve got to give it to spreading rumors. They are always sure to generate some level of excitement in any industry, be it positive or not. And in the case of the Netbook market, the rumor mill is abuzz with stories of Apple planning to come out with a tablet-based device that would fall somewhere in between the iPhone and the MacBook. The said computing device is rumored to come out sometime in 2010.

They are, for now, considered as rumors because Apple has not yet confirmed or denied anything. Who knows, it may already be in the works and the company might just be trying to find a way to make a bigger splash in the Netbook market upon its arrival. Most of Apple’s more popular gadgets such as the iPod and the iPhone became the cool and widely received gadgets that they are today mostly in part of the buzz that they have generated prior to their launch. The buzz may have been warranted because there were many people who felt that Apple may have entered a bit late in some of the markets that they now lead, such as in the case of the iPod.

And it seems that many people are also saying the same thing, that it might be another case of a little too late for Apple’s rumored entrance into the Netbook market. Some companies such as Asus, Hewlett Packard and Dell may already be ahead in terms of having products already out in the consumer market.  But as with the company’s previous experiences on being a late entrant to some markets, Apple may have proven that coming later in a certain market does not necessarily mean to be that big of a disadvantage. Sometimes, offering innovation and that coolness factor may do justice to offset some of the lost time.

And that is what Apple may be counting on when it finally joins in the Netbook fray. Offering a conventional Netbook seems to be out of the question. Rumors seem to paint a picture on what the next Apple Tablet PC would look like- a hybrid device with a touch screen display and does away with the conventional physical keyboard. It is said to cost around $500 to $700 when it does finally come out. That is what the rumors have so far been able to give out. But the thing is, these rumors can sometimes exaggerate or downplay anything. We can never be too sure all of the time.



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