Silently Entering Into The Online Search Fray

June 1st, 2009 at 12:00 am

Blekko Logo

The recent days have seen the launch of several online search engine startups. Many came and many also left. Some were built up with hype and it seems that it was only that being offered on the table. And some, well, they are just not cut out to be major players in online search after all.

The main reason for this may be the fact that Google still holds a considerable lead over all the other online search engines that exist today. So far, none has come close towards making a dent in the dominance that Google has on online search. Even Yahoo, the current runner-up doesn’t even come close.

Many search engine startups have recently tried to poise themselves as the next "Google Killer". Their entrance into the market of online search have been surrounded by so much hype that, for a while, people are led to believe that they may just be it, the next to topple Google. But so far, none has successfully done so. It just makes things a lot worse that all the hype didn’t play out to well when it comes to the actual performance of the new online search players.

It seems that too much hype does not always play to the advantage of a new player in online search, with dreams of going head on against the formidable giant such as Google. One online search engine in the works may be trying to do it the opposite way- work their way silently into the fray, so to speak.

There seems to be no news or exciting press release that would try to hype up Blekko, a new online search engine in the works developed by Rich Skrenta. It is still on the development process with a team of engineers still working to have it launched later this year. But what people have not yet seen despite the ongoing development is the lack of any publicity or hype surrounding the new startup or its launch. It is surely not typical of what most other online search engines before it may have done.

Probably the only news surrounding this new online search engine can be seen through TechCrunch for most of the time. Even its own Blekko site has little information to give out. It may try to quietly launch itself sometime around this year and no one will know about it. But maybe, it is something that Blekko is trying to play out to its advantage. Less hype would only mean lesser backlash in case it underperforms. And the air of mystery may, in itself, gather some form of attention that may warrant some visits once it launches.