Bing Online In Beta

June 3rd, 2009 at 12:00 am

Bing Site

With Microsoft trying gain some attention in the world of online search, it has recently come up with Bing, the software giant’s new baby. Bing as an online search engine may not be anything new for some people since Microsoft already had its own existing search engine called Live Search for sometime now. But this time, they’ll try to improve or enhance what they have learned about online search and has come up with Bing. And guess what? Bing is already available online for users to preview.

Although Bing may still be in its beta stages, the preview of the new search engine may somewhat be attractive in itself. For one, Bing has quite an attractive home page since it makes use of breathtaking scenic images to welcome its visitors. The colors and the details seem to give something new to Bing that other search engines may not have done yet.

As for online queries, Bing seems to be quite fast and accurate enough. It doesn’t seem to let people wait too long to get the results. Its other search features such as images and news seem to come up with quite good results. What will make people eventually use it is when it continues to be just as fast even when more and more people try to use it. For now, it’s safe to say that Bing might be a good alternative to Google or Yahoo if you need to try out a new search engine that may provide relatively accurate results. And since it is still in preview mode, there are still a lot of things that Microsoft can learn about and further improve it. Who knows, it might just be the "Google Killer" everyone has been talking about for years now.