Microsoft Windows 7 Set For October Release

June 5th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Windows 7

After months of waiting, people may still have to wait months longer. Microsoft is planning an October 22 release of its Windows 7 operating system. It is a long awaited development that is set to replace the often plagued Window Vista OS of recent past. The Windows 7 OS is said to have learned from the problems that Vista faced during its release.

Currently, the Windows 7 OS is undergoing beta testing with a release candidate available for download up to July of this year. It is still not the perfect OS and those who wish to download it should be aware of the risks involved. Microsoft is set to deliver the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) code for the new OS to partner PC makers by the second half of July in order for the new PC’s to be loaded with the new OS.

Microsoft feels confident enough that Windows 7 would be ready by the time of its release date. The engineers who have worked on it have taken some great feedback on the new OS and have made the necessary corrections that were highlighted during the open beta testing.

What Microsoft may miss on its planned October release for the Windows 7 OS would be the potential market that arises during the back to school season. But it is still quite on time for the upcoming holidays. Many households for sure would be thinking of trying out the new Microsoft OS by the time 2010 strikes and get first dibs on its pros and cons.