Facebook to Give Away Vanity URL’s

June 10th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Facebook Logo

Popular social network Facebook is poised to add a more personal touch to their members’ profiles. Facebook will be giving out vanity URL’s beginning midnight EDT on June 13. This will help change a Facebook member’s profile URL into a more identifiable username of the member’s choosing instead of the current string of number identifiers.

Facebook’s over 200 million members from all over the world would now be able to customize the profile URL’s with their usernames to make it more personalized, the feature that this social networking site has been known for. Members may be given a chance to choose upon several ways on how their profile URL’s would look like based on their usernames.

For those who wish to get the most ideal ones, the earlier they customize on the said date, the better chances they will have of getting it. This would be the case for most people with names similar to several other people on Facebook. A battle would surely ensue on who will be able to get the best choice for a vanity URL.

The advantage that this will give would not solely lie on adding a personal touch to a Facebook member’s profile but may also help improve results on search engines like Google. Having a username on the profile URL would help improve online search results.

This would especially be helpful for Facebook fan pages that rely on a certain amount of exposure in order for them to be known and accessed. The better search engine results may also lead to Facebook getting better online traffic in the process.

Facebook has also taken steps to avoid rushing towards getting the vanity URL’s for purposes other than using them for profiles. Some may rush onto the vanity URL’s and "squat" on them. Facebook tries to avoid this by not offering them to new users who have signed in after May 31. Facebook members are also urged to be careful in choosing their customized profile URL’s since they can no longer be changed or transferred. This may also help avoid people from putting up attractive vanity URL’s for sale on eBay.