Dell Makes Millions Out of Its Twitter Page

June 15th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Dell Outlet

Dell may have shown just how potentially profitable having a Twitter page can be. At least it is something that Twitter itself has not yet solved. But while the people at Twitter may still be finding ways to generate revenue, other companies like Dell have made it work to their advantage the way that they know how.

According to a blog post at Dell, their DellOutlet Twitter page has generated around $2 million worth of revenue for the company. Well, it was sometime last year that the online world was abuzz with the growing popularity of Twitter. Dell somehow managed to make this work to their advantage by putting up their own Twitter page that provides customers and other Twitter users with updates on new products as well as discounts in real time. The Dell Twitter page also provided customers with some real time customer service through Twitter, making it quite a novel yet popular use of the new micro-blogging site to a company’s advantage.

Since then, Dell has reported around $2 million in sales that can be attributed to their @DellOutlet on Twitter. This proves to be quite interesting given that Twitter itself has not yet made strides in trying to establish its own stream of revenue from the service it offers. From its inception up until now, the popular micro-blogging site is still operating under investment capital and not yet making money.

Other companies may have been quite quick in looking for the opportunities that Twitter can help them with their businesses, save for Twitter itself and how it can generate income. Although not generating any profit may not threaten Twitter any time soon because of its still growing popularity, everyday that it doesn’t start generating revenue can be equated with missed chances and opportunities. Twitter should try to think of something soon if it really wants to survive and succeed in the online world.