Cloud Gaming: Revolutionizing The Gaming World

June 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

OnLive and OTOY Logos

Although it may not be entirely new, cloud gaming is something that has been around for a year or two. With cloud computing being considered by experts as the next big trend of the near future, it would make sense that cloud gaming may also follow suit and might just become the biggest thing to happen in the gaming world.

When you say cloud computing, the basic idea is that computers try to access or harness computing power from a so-called "cloud" which can be a group of servers accessible through the Internet where a bunch of online applications reside. Through this server, computer users can then call on to any application of their choosing and run it from the "cloud" to perform a variety of tasks.

Under cloud computing, computer users no longer have to go through the process of arming their own PC’s with applications that they use or upgrading their computer to be able to support newer applications. Everything would be available through the "cloud". That is the very basic idea behind the concept.

Although there are now quite a number of websites utilizing the cloud computing concept, the same may not yet be so true for gaming. The obstacle seems to be that games are considered as graphics heavy applications that require very powerful computing power in order to run. The thought of having such games available on the cloud that can be accessed simultaneously by thousands of avid gamers worldwide can very well be a daunting task. Some may even consider it quite impossible for now or even very limited at best. But there have been some companies who have taken on the task of finally putting it out there.

One of the companies betting on cloud gaming is OnLive. This company will be offering a service that provides gamers with a wide collection of games on demand. Through the service, gamers would be able to access games through the OnLive servers and then brought into their homes via a broadband Internet connection to their TV using an OnLive console or straight from the PC.

Playing the game titles would no longer require prior installation or downloads. Game performance would not even be dependent on the PC specs anymore, as long as they fall under the minimum requirements set by OnLive. The service is set to be available in the winter of 2009.

Aside from OnLive, there is another company out to offer cloud based gaming in the near future is OTOY, a company that is developing a technology that would try to bring cinematic quality 3D rendering through the web browser, is also set to develop their own browser-based cloud gaming service. Although their version is still under development, OTOY may be taking great strides, if based on the demos of their technology at TechCrunch. If both companies prove to be successful in providing they quality of game play that gamers look forward too, this would really create a revolution in the gaming world. But for the meantime, it is still a matter of "wait and see" for many gamers.