Real Time Social Search With Collecta

June 19th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Collecta Search Engine

It still rings true that whoever (or whatever) offers information in real time may have better appeal to most people. This can never be truer than in the social Web. The active people on the social Web usually look for information about their colleagues, friends or even news the earliest that it comes out online. No wonder real time search engines are suddenly cropping up everywhere on the Web.

The best search engine in the social Web is one that offers real time updates to its users. One of such search engines that recently came out on the Web (like just a couple of days ago) was one named Collecta. Although there have been other real time search engines out there such as OneRiot and Tweetmeme (which tracks popular Twitter links in real time), Collecta seems to be working in actual real time. Results change on certain keywords by the second, as new stories and links are being posted on different sites that this real time search engine follows.

The Collecta real time search engine makes use of XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) technology which allows one site to send small pieces of XML code to another in real time. This allows Collecta to gather information from sites such as Twitter, news sites, popular social media and blogs as they are being posted online.

The Collecta search engine provides the real time results according to the keyword or keywords that users type into it. It is not like your typical search engine like Google that goes through archived information for their results. Collecta provides the results the moment they come online. This way users get the most updated results and information on whatever their looking for. Although still in beta, Collecta already works quite well in terms of providing real time results. This is something that people intrigued with what a real time search engine is all about would be looking closely into.