Nokia And Intel Partner Up

June 24th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Nokia Intel Logo

Mobile giant Nokia is partnering up with chip giant Intel Corporation to develop a long term relationship that would greatly influence the mobile computing industry of the future. The said partnership will be aiming to develop a new class of Intel-based chip architecture for mobile phones. The partnership is geared toward developing faster and better smart phones and other similar portable devices in the future.

The Nokia-Intel partnership is geared to create a team with each company’s set of expertise merging and working towards a common goal, that of making the next generation smart phones and PDA’s. Nokia is an established leader in the mobile phone industry. Intel is the market leader when it comes to providing processors to today’s computers. Put them together and you get a partnership having the means to usher in the next generation mobile devices.

Nokia and Intel also includes collaborating in several open source project developments, most notably involving use of Linux in order to come up with technologies that would work along a common platform and systems for the next generation mobile computing devices. Ideas and designs that go beyond what is currently available in the market is a key feature that the long term partnership would be tackling according to the top brass in both companies. This would surely make the mobile as well as the computing industry continuously buzzing with excitement in the years to come.