Sony Adding Phone Functionality to PSP

June 29th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Sony PSP Go

With the competition among portable gaming systems becoming ever tighter, the makers are trying to consider different ways in order to attract more consumers to their products. Sony is about to come out with its new baby, the Sony PSP Go. But the company does not just stop there. Sony might also be considering adding a phone feature into the next generation of PSP’s.

It is not the first time that a combination portable gaming system and mobile phone gadget has ever been introduced into the market. Nokia did it with their own N-Gage line. Sadly, the endeavor never took off.

The Nokia N-Gage model was considered a failure since the device never really got popular with the people, both gamers and cell phone users alike. Despite the popular idea of having both a mobile phone and a portable gaming system in one device, the N-Gage concept never really hit it off with the public. One of the reasons might have been Nokia’s lack of insight into the great features of the device (selling N-Gage without any free built-in games to try out? Come on!).

Despite the failures of the likes of Nokia of coming out with such a device, Sony may still be considering their own take on the concept. But this time, they might have learned somehow from the experiences of Nokia and the N-Gage brouhaha. But there are still many things that Sony has to consider to make such a device appealing to general users.

Sony must be able to smoothly merge the gaming system features with that of its planned mobile phone functions. Users certainly would not want these features operating separately of one another despite being present in one gadget. That is one challenge that Sony has to think about. They should also be able to make the design quite convenient to use for both gamers and mobile phone users alike.

Sony may enjoy some advantages with their experience in the portable gaming industry with their PSP as well as experience in the world of mobile phones with their partnership with Ericsson. They might be the likely candidate to come out with such a device, if ever they do see it as having high enough potentials for success.  But for the meantime, they might need to concentrate on how their new PSP Go might do in the market.