Yahoo Flickr Adds Twitter Feature

July 1st, 2009 at 12:00 am

Flickr 2 Twitter

Aside from getting real time Tweets, people using Twitter seems also to want some pics or photos to go with the text Tweets they receive. Yahoo now tries to make it easier for Twitter users to share their photos via Flickr with their new Flickr2Twitter feature.

People with Flickr accounts and are avid sharers of photos to friends and family may now be able to share them the easy way via the new Flickr2Twitter feature. This feature allows Flickr users to directly also send out selected Flickr images as Tweets. After uploading a photo in Flickr, users may then simultaneously send it as a Tweet. Users only add up Twitter as an approved app (add as a blog) on their account. The next time they upload a picture on Flickr, they can send it to Twitter by simply clicking on the "Blog This" tab and choose their twitter account. It sends out the Tweet along with its own shortened URL.

Flickr has been testing this feature for about a month or so and has finally made it available for its members to use. Although Flickr may have offered the Twitter feature quite a bit later in the game than other photo sites such as Twitpic, Photobucket and Posterous, it may still catch on with its huge number of members who (this would be quite safe to say) are also avid Twitter users.