Internet Explorer Losing Market Share in Browser War

July 6th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Web Browser Usage Graph

Although Internet Explorer is still considered the market leader for web browsers today, it may likely be undergoing some market erosion lately with other competing web browsers trying to gain some more market share away from the current leader.

Web browser Firefox stands to help keep the competition exciting as it continues to increase its stake in the web browser market. According to graphs from Statcounter, Internet Explorer may be experiencing declines in its market share by around 11 percent since 3 months ago.  Although Internet Explorer still holds about 55 percent of the whole web browser market, others like Mozilla Firefox are trying to decrease that share little by little.

Although the decrease in their market share among web browsers might still be considered little in terms of the overall total (with IE6, IE7 and IE8 combined), it might just show a trend on where the other competing web browsers might be positioned at. Or is it?

Firefox recently came up with its version 3.5 browser, Apple has released Safari 4 and Google has made updates on its Chrome beta browser. The new browsers continue to aim for better features in order to attract more users bit by bit. And it seems that time is on their side. The trend might be showing it. Microsoft has to try and fend it off by offering more attractive features for its new IE8 and current IE7 web browser with lesser headaches to contend with. Although the newer IE8 is showing a steadily increasing number of users, a lot still needs to be done.

On the other hand, users have become used to having several web browsers to use. Firefox has done a great job keeping their share intact and users quite excited in waiting for its newer versions. The same may be said of the Safari as well as the Chrome browsers. Different users now have several choices. All it takes it how comfortable they are using the browsers to make them stay on using a favorite one. It may be harder now for the Internet Explorer to try and regain what it may have lost in terms of market share. But if there are any surprises coming from Microsoft, then they should use it to help keep users interested.