More Seniors Use Facebook

July 8th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Facebook Logo

Facebook started out as a social network for the younger crowd, specifically college students all over the US. But then it became so popular that its reach extended to adults and even celebrities. What first started out as a site for the younger crowd is now embraced by old and young people alike. It is not surprising to know therefore that more and more of the senior population are also signing up.

According to a recent survey conducted by iStrategyLabs, there was a surprisingly steep rise of Facebook members aged over 55 years old. The said survey, made from January to July of 2009, saw an incredible 513.7 percent increase in Facebook members 55 years old and above. In the same survey, a surprising drop of both high school and college users were also seen. In the same period, the survey indicated that the popular social network site now has 16.5 percent fewer high school users and 21.7 percent fewer college student members.

Although the increase in the senior population may be a welcome addition to Facebook, a declining younger member population may be sounding some alarms. A declining population of young members may signal that its primary market may be going somewhere else. And that does not bode well for Facebook.

But then there might be other possible reasons for the supposed decline in its younger members. One reason might be because the graduating college students may have already changes their affiliations on their accounts, the same way with some high school kids moving on to college or finding work.

But overall, the decline may not be that serious since the survey only included Facebook members coming from the US. It is only a third of the current overall population that the global Facebook now has. It may still take some years for the popular social networking site to be facing any serious declines yet.