Google Plans Chrome OS to Rival Windows OS

July 10th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Chrome Logo

It takes a giant to rival another giant. Google has plans of releasing its own Google Chrome operating system initially targeted for Netbooks. The said new operating system is currently under development and may be out hopefully by next year. And just like the Google Chrome browser, the said OS would be open source.

The Google Chrome OS being developed should not be confused with the Android OS that Google has launched for mobile devices. The new Google Chrome OS would be developed as an operating system used to power Netbooks as well as desktop PC’s. The design though may overlap at some point with the Android OS, possibly with issues of synching Android devices with Google Chrome PC’s in the future.

The Google Chrome OS is set to make PC users gain access to the Web without the hassle of time consuming loading and start up, at least that is what this new OS is primarily aiming for. The developers at Google are also set to redesign the Chrome OS down to its basic security architecture to make users worry less about online threats such as viruses, malware and such.

And with developing the new Google Chrome OS, the online search giant is teaming up with the other giants in the computing industry such as Acer, Asus, Adobe, HP, Lenovo, Texas Instruments and Toshiba to try and have devices that would work well with the planned open source OS. This would really pose a threat to the current giant when it comes to PC operating systems, Microsoft’s Windows OS.

It has been quite some time now that the two giants are becoming serious rivals despite both starting up on different technology fields. Google started out big on online search while Microsoft did it on the OS field. But then their paths crossed when the two giants developed competing products to rival the other (or offer a perceived threat at least) – Microsoft came out with its MSN Live search engine that is now known as Bing, while Google came up with its own Google Docs to rival Microsoft’s popular Office suite.

And now, with the Google Chrome OS being announced, Microsoft may be trying to see the next few months with relative concern as its main baby might see some challenges. But things may still be vague and unclear at this point in time on just how the battle of these two industry giants may result. May the best giant win then.