AMD Challenging Rival Intel With Six-Core Server Chips

July 13th, 2009 at 12:00 am

AMD Opteron

Advanced Micro Devices is coming up with two new versions of its six core server chips. AMD launched the Opteron HE and SE server chips which contain six processors on a single chip. This new versions of server chips, which was launched July 12, puts one up on Intel and its own Xeon 5500 four core server chips. AMD actually released their first six core chip last month which was six months ahead of schedule.

The AMD Opteron SE chip is the high performance version of the new server chip that aims to provide the best performance in terms of computing power. But it consumes about 105 watts of power which can be a considerable amount of heat. But then there is the low power version Opteron HE chip which consumes only around 55 watts. The HE version may be the appropriate option for building densely packed servers where energy efficiency remains a top priority.

This release of the six core server chips by AMD serve to make the competition quite tough for Intel, the current market leader. But most businesses and companies still prefer using Intel’s version of the server chip. That is the reason why AMD is trying to aggressively release better products just so to keep up with the world’s biggest chip maker. And at this point, AMD is now developing plans to release 12 core server chips set for next year. This might be something that Intel should try to face up with their own version of such new server chips, or else we might just see the tables turning little by little in the coming years.