Microsoft to Offer Free Version of Office Suite Online

July 15th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Mocrosoft Office

It might be that Microsoft is feeling the pressure of having to deal with what its serious competitors are doing. With Google making their own Google Docs free for people to use online and with Open Office getting more users, Microsoft may be concerned on how their own Office Suite would eventually fare out in the market. With competitors offering products for free, Microsoft is on the verge of offering an online version of the Office Suite for free.

Microsoft recently released news that it is on the way of coming up with its own Office Web, the online lightweight version of its Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft is on the way of making the Microsoft Office Suite 2010 along with its online version go under limited technical preview. A limited number of people will be testing the new products of which the online Office Web version might be getting some people quite excited.

According to the Microsoft press release, the Office Web applications would consist of lightweight he new products of which the online Office Web version might be gettign r free.

browser versions of the Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. They can be accessed online for free; at least that is what the software giant is saying. Of course, the beefed up version of the Office 2010 is still for sale. But having the Web applications available for free to online users is something that the tech giant is not really known for. It is quite unlike the software giant to be giving away something like that. But then in a competitive world, everything must give.

Competitors have been giving away free versions of their own competing products online. It has become such a concern for Microsoft that it, too is trying to offer a free Web browser version of its popular Office applications. This move may just pay off somewhere along the way for the mighty Microsoft. But then Google also has its own plans for the future and in trying to stay within the heels of Microsoft on all fronts. Guess the battle has just seriously begun for the two giants.