Are Microsoft and Yahoo Making Deals Again?

July 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Microsoft Yahoo Logos

Well, the botched takeover plans didn’t push through for the Microhoo of old. But that doesn’t mean that the two tech giants, Microsoft and Yahoo, are already done with it. In fact, there have been talks and speculations that both are on the verge of sealing an online ad deal that would work great for both of them.

Well, it is no longer a rumor that Yahoo has been getting through some tough times lately. The new CEO and some investors who somehow thought the failed merger a squandered opportunity may be looking for something to help the No.2 online search company get back up from their recent stumbles. And it seems that Microsoft still is holding that possibility of a partnership alive by having the door open. 

Microsoft on the other hand, sorely needs something to further boost up the recent launch of its Bing search engine. After the initial success of the new online search venture, the software giant may be trying to find something that would help sustain that success. Many experts believe that Bing may again be relegated into the sidelines after the big budgeted marketing campaign behind it has run its course. A partnership with Yahoo would certainly be something that would greatly help give it some further edge in the market. 

With both giants seriously looking for some much needed aid, the best recourse would, of course be to help each other. Microsoft has the cash that Yahoo is so much in need for. Yahoo has the market presence that Microsoft is looking for to help boost its renewed entry into the online search market. Their individual needs would eventually find the two giants crossing paths once again. Hence, there might just be something solid behind the recent speculations that Microsoft and Yahoo may be once again in talks for a partnership. Well, as the saying goes, whenever there’s smoke, there must be a fire somewhere.