The Impact of Micro Blogging

July 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Micro blogging has become quite a popular means of getting one’s thoughts and ideas across on the Web. While ordinary online blogs on the Web still get quite a lot of interest, it is on the new medium of micro blogging that many people seem to try out more and more nowadays. There are various reasons for this.

Micro blogging is simply a means of blogging where online users may be able to update through brief text messages or by sending micro-media such as photos, or voice and other audio clips and post them. Its only difference with a traditional blog is its size. Twitter, the most popular online micro blogging service today, leads the way along with other similar micro blogs such as Plurk and Jaiku.

Micro blogs are usually just brief texts updates or may contain file posts that are considered small. The fact that such blogs can be made out easily and then posted just as quickly is one reason why they have become so popular.

Another reason why micro blogging has become a popular means to reach out to one’s network is that it is not that hard to think up of things to say or post about through a micro blog. One of the more appealing features of a micro blog is that people can freely post something as simple as what he or she is currently doing. Some may even easily just post a description of a current event, a random thought that needs to be shared before it is forgotten, or a simple audio message posted while "on the run".

One other reason that has made micro blogging so popular nowadays is that its utter simplicity has made it more convenient for people to do. Mobile smart phone and their increasingly advancing online features have especially made micro blogging a popular means of getting word around. And the way that micro blogs seem to be easily propagated makes it a valuable tool to spread even the most important events and news of the day.

Updates can be provided in real time through micro blogging. They are usually made by people who are actually on location. This means of propagating news has proven to be even faster than other traditional media can ever hope of doing. But to determine whether such news from micro blogs coming in at a relatively quick pace are true or not still remains to be seen. Some may tend to be just rumors or even turn out to be outright false. But despite all that, the methods of using micro blogging continually grow as more and more people find many different ways to use it.