Yahoo Opts For a Simpler Version of Its Redesigned Homepage

July 22nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo has recently redesigned its home page in hopes of getting more people to appreciate their service. More than just the runner-up in the online search market, Yahoo has been trying to become a more attractive choice among other search engines such as Google and Bing.

Yahoo has recently experienced its market share in online search drop. Although it may not be such a significant drop in any case, it may have prompted the company to put some measures in force in order to help bring its appeal to online users even higher. This might have been the reason for the new redesign of the Yahoo home page.

Ever since it started, Yahoo already has its home page designed full of information that people can go through- news, sports, business, entertainment and a whole lot of other topics available from just one website. Its search feature may have just been a second function compared to the information it provided. But then, Google entered into the online search market with the most basic home page there is and became more popular as an online search engine than Yahoo. And since online search took off, it was Google that enjoyed the success more than Yahoo.

Up until now, Yahoo still prefers having their home page filed with information, a different way on how Google prefers to market itself as a search engine. Yahoo’s redesign of its home page would try to make it more as an online entry point for online users. It then plans on getting advertisers the opportunity for online exposure through it.

Another added feature to the redesign of Yahoo’s homepage allows users to customize the links found on their Yahoo homepage. The links also allows previews of the web page as you mouse over them. The simpler design and the customization features would be something worth checking out. But whether this redesign would make more people come to Yahoo still remains to be seen.