Twitter Homepage Gets a Makeover

July 31st, 2009 at 12:00 am

Twitter Homepage

Twitter recently had a big makeover of its homepage. The redesign is aimed at trying to attract more people who are not already into Twitter. Many Twitter users may not have been able to change the redesign since most may have their accounts automatically logged in when they are online. They will only be able to notice the homepage makeover if they sign out and check it out.

The previous Twitter page seems quite simple enough as compared to its makeover. The previous homepage explains what Twitter is all about. This time, Twitter hopes to attract more online users by exhibiting the site as a means for people to discover what’s happening in the world as of the moment. The new Twitter homepage now also includes trending topics as a main feature. This will make visitors learn about what events or topics are hot on Twitter right now as well as on the whole world.

In a way, Twitter may no longer be just about following friends and people or about establishing a social network. Through the homepage makeover, Twitter may be saying that it is something that has evolved from just a simple social networking site. Its focus now is on how Twitter can be used to spread news and events as it happens anywhere in the world. True enough, Twitter has done just that in recent months- it has provided snippets of events as they happen. It may be considered real time reporting that may be faster than what traditional media may be capable of.

This version of "real time reporting" is one unique feature that other social networking sites may not readily offer. That is what Twitter tries as an effective attraction for other online users who may not have an account with them yet. People curious about recent events would surely be attracted to what Twitter is offering. And besides that, people will still be able to tell their Twitter followers what they had for lunch today.