Twitter Down Due to Attacks

August 7th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Twitter Logo

If you experienced a slowdown in Twitter last Thursday, chances are it was due to an attack made that momentarily shut down service on the site. For a moment, people were not able to send their Tweets or experienced a serious lag when they did. Some may have even been unable to gain access to the Twitter site. Reports on the Twitter status update blog state that the shut down was due to a serious denial of service attack.

On previous occasions, Twitter shuts down its site momentarily in order to institute updates or do certain repairs. But this time, the recent shut down was not something that they have planned. Thursday had many people wondering why they can’t send out their Tweets or can’t access the site for around two hours. But since then, the site has overcome the attack and is back up once more. But still, some users seem to be unable to get it to work.

Many people get concerned when such instances happen to such popular sites. People would always want to get access to their favorite sites without having to go through any lag time or going to a non-working site at the very worst. Even if such break downs came from certain attacks such as what happened on Thursday, people may still expect popular sites like Twitter to effectively handle such instances before they can affect the online users.

Frequent outages may turn off a lot of people which may hurt Twitter to such an extent. And for a website hoping to have one billion users by 2013, protecting the site from such attacks should be one of their top priorities. Since their popularity makes them a prime target, such attacks should be expected and solutions already set up to handle them so that the user experience may not be affected in the future.