Google Caffeine In The Works

August 12th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

As if the online search market leader is not yet confident of its current search engine infrastructure, many reports are coming out recently that Google is working on a relatively new system for online search. Its initial moniker is currently Google Caffeine. If and when this new online search project by Google would have a name change still remains to be seen. What is interesting though is that the engineers in Team Google have been working behind the scenes for several months working on a next generation online search infrastructure. Judging by what the Google Webmaster Central Blog has to say, it certainly is a huge project that the online search giant may be hoping their future success on.

The Google Caffeine project actually continued behind the scenes and was only noted when Google’s Webmaster Central blog announced that it is gathering some feedback on the new system that they are trying out. Although Google may not yet be on the clear as to how the new Google Caffeine might be different from its existing search engine, many observers believe that the new infrastructure of the search engine will try to make archiving relatively new and significant data faster. Others say that it may be a step towards Google trying to achieve real time search online as what Twitter and other similar sites are now trying to develop.

To say that Caffeine was Google’s answer to the release of Microsoft’s Bing may not be entirely accurate. Caffeine was already deep into development for several months, way before Bing may have started its own development and prior launch. It is just Google’s way to evolve and develop into a better online search engine. The recent developments may not be entirely known to most people, but such market giants do have plans of not ever giving up their market share to competitors. The best way to do that is by continue on the development path and offer something that the consumers want.