Gmail Overtakes AOL Mail

August 17th, 2009 at 12:00 am

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Google might have another thing to be proud about after getting Gmail out of its beta stage. It seems that Gmail also have overtaken  AOL mail to get the number three spot among the most popular Web mail service in the US. Recent numbers have Gmail easing up in terms of total unique visitors per month.

According to Comscore estimates, Gmail got the number three position by having 37 million unique visitors as compared to 36.4 million for AOL. It is the first time that Gmail has broken into the third spot after being launched four years ago. And it is quite a climb considering that it is late starter in the game as well as being in beta stage for the most part. Gmail only got out of beta last month.

Although the numbers may not seem a considerable breakout from that of AOL mail, the recent trend may show the distinct difference. Gmail has been enjoying considerable growth the last few years while AOL has been on the way down. The number of total unique visitors in the US above for Gmail translates to a 25 percent increase. AOL’s numbers show a 22 percent decline in its total unique visitors in the US.

If Gmail will continue on its growth path, it is poised to also cross paths with the number two contender, Windows Live Hotmail, which has around 47 million unique visitors on the same period. Yahoo Mail may still be afar off at the top with around 106 million unique visitors monthly. Gmail has also shown that it has enjoyed the highest growth currently among the Web mail service providers at 25 percent. Windows Hotmail grew to 8 percent during the same period while Yahoo enjoyed an increase of unique visitors by 16 percent.