Sony Cuts PlayStation 3 Prices

August 19th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Sony Logo

Sony announced this week that it is cutting back the price of its PlaySation 3 game console for as much as US$100. The Sony PlayStation console was once the leader among gaming consoles in terms of sales some years back. But it has since been relegated to third place and overtaken by the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 of Microsoft. But it hopes to boost up its sales with the move anticipating the coming holiday season.

With the price cut the 80 GB PlayStation 3 will make it sell around US$299. The current 160 GB PS3 version would go around $399. The price cuts would apply worldwide. Not only that, Sony is also unveiling a slimmer and lighter PS3 model that will hit the North American market sometime in September. The new 120 GB model would be priced at a more attractive $299.

With the gaming industry going through a tough time recently, it just seems fitting that Sony would try to lower PS3 prices to maintain the interest. The lackluster sales this year for both gaming consoles and game titles have been blamed on the recent recession which saw the industry experiencing several months on declining sales figures as compared to those of last year.

All of the gaming industry is anticipating the release of new versions of popular game titles as well as the upcoming holiday season to help boost up sales. Sony is doing a bit more early in order to catch up on getting more consumers interested in getting it’s priced down PS3’s this time.