Microsoft Bing Boosting Up With Licensing Deal With Wolfram Alpha

August 24th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Bing Wolfram Alpha Logos

It really seems that Microsoft is getting its online search engine geared up for competition. Microsoft Bing has really made some strides during its initial three months of existence. Aside from gaining more users as a more improved search engine than its predecessor, Windows Live Search, it has also gotten a deal with Yahoo to handle online search on its homepage. Bing is not just about to stop making itself even better.

There are several reports that say Bing is on the verge of getting a licensing deal with computational knowledge engine, Wolfram Alpha. The deal will allow Bing to display some of the scientific and computational content that the Wolfram Alpha engine generates.

Wolfram Alpha has been purported to be a "Google killer" several months prior to its launch. But this ended up to be quite a far fetched notion as the new search engine offered a different way of providing search results. It was good at providing answers and results to scientific queries and not much in the ordinary and conventional online search category. It is totally different from what Google (or even Bing) offers in terms of online search, but it does have a unique feature that in itself is able to attract quite a number of online users.

It is this unique feature that Bing might be banking on with its reported deal with Wolfram Alpha. It may be seeking another means to make itself become a more exciting search engine. It may be trying to get a crack of challenging Google and its huge online search market share by coming up with such a deal. Who knows how it will end up? It might either work or it might not. But give one to Bing by taking such chances.