YouTube to Share Ad Money with Users

August 26th, 2009 at 12:00 am

YouTube Logo

Super popular social media site YouTube is planning to share more of its ad revenue with its users. The site’s owner, Google, announced that it will be extending the reach of its YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) and making it available for individual videos of users who are out trying to make the next hottest video on the site.

On a note posted on the Google blog, the ad revenue sharing program of YouTube will now be extended to individual videos that prove to be highly popular on the site. When a certain video uploaded on YouTube accumulates a considerable number of views, the account owner may be invited to start earning revenue for that video. Determining the eligibility of popular videos would depend on such factors like the number of views, its virality and its compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service.

Once a certain video is deemed eligible for the revenue sharing program, the owner of the account would receive an email and find an "Enable Revenue Sharing" message next to the video when shown on the "Watch" page aside from other areas of the account. Once the revenue sharing is enabled, YouTube would then sell advertising along with the chosen video on the page and share the ad revenue with the account owner.

So far, this program is only limited to account owners in the US and may only be offered on chosen videos and not for all of the other videos found on the account owner’s page, a privilege that YPP members enjoy. YouTube members can try and apply for YPP membership where individual video revenue partnerships may be considered when reviewing applications.