Yahoo Mail Adds as New File Attachment Feature

September 11th, 2009 at 12:00 am

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Yahoo is really getting into improving its remaining online assets after letting go of its online search market share and handing the reins to Microsoft’s Bing. It still has its widely popular homepage as well as its email service, Yahoo mail. Just recently, Yahoo mail partnered with online file storage and sharing site to handle bigger file attachments for them.

The partnership of Yahoo mail and provides a new feature for the popular email service that many users would surely welcome. With, Yahoo mail users may now be able to attach files to their emails as large as 100 megabytes in size.  That would be quite an improvement since other email services competing with Yahoo can only offer to attach files 25 megabytes in size at the max.

But the way that the files would be attached would not be the usual process that Yahoo mail users may be accustomed to. acts as an added application to Yahoo mail where users will be led to’s welcome page. It is from there that users can then upload their large files. Only after the files have been uploaded that the user may be able to compose an email and send them.

Recipients of the email will then be able to view the large files from a unique page which can also allow them to drop in comments or download the files into their own computers. It certainly gives Yahoo mail users the advantage having this new feature introduced. Not only that, it would certainly help attract more people into the fold of Yahoo when it comes to choosing an online email service armed with this feature.