US Video Games Sales Continue Sliding

September 14th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Declining Sales

In what was first considered as a recession proof market, video game sales in the US have been going through a rough slide for the longest time, maybe since the first time it first got established. This market sector has been one of those that seem to survive better than most of the other sectors during this recession. But its current standing does not seem to provide hopes to become more upbeat.

According to figures provided by market researcher NPD group, overall US retail sales for video game hardware, software and accessories for August totaled US$908.7 million, which translates to a 16 percent decline as compared to the sales total for the same month last year. Of the total, video game software sales fell by 15 percent while hardware sales fell by around 25 percent. However, sales for video game accessories such as extra as well as musical instrument controllers actually increased by two percent, showing a bit of hope for the market.

For the sixth straight month, US video game sales show considerable declines for the month of August. The industry has been experiencing double digit declines in its sales figures since March. Analysts have been hoping that the decline will turn around for the better in August with the launch of the latest video game titles. But the recent launch of the latest "Madden NFL 10" game title did not seem to have an effect on improving sales. Aside from the economic recession, many analysts also believe that the gaming market may also have suffered due to a lack of the latest popular game title launches this year.

But many in the industry still believe that there is still something to hope for in the coming months. A lot is eyeing on the excitement that may be surrounding the release of the new "The Beatles: Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero 5" games this month. The industry is hoping that this will help them get out of the sales slide heading towards the holiday season.