Facebook Is Now Earning

September 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Facebook Logo

In what many people think would have taken years to achieve, popular social networking site Facebook now has reached a milestone that would make them a legitimate online business, if you can put it that way. Facebook announced that it has recently be able to make more money than it is able to spend, making it the first time that the world’s most popular social network is able to boast that it is now able to earn its way and not losing money.

Being "cash flow positive" is an important milestone for any start up business, if you can still call Facebook that way. Earning profits may be way easier for conventional business to achieve. But in the online world and websites with the likes of Facebook, doing so offers bigger challenges to face than what is the usual. Running a profitable online based company takes a more creative and innovative approach especially in terms of generating income streams from main services that are usually being offered for free.

So it is hats off to Facebook for being able to reach this point of their online existence earlier than what they even expected. It must be always good to have the giants like Microsoft always behind you to back you up (with money). It’s only sad that millions of other struggling websites do not really have this kind of clout to work with. When you’re lucky, you’re lucky.

Becoming cash positive for the first time is not the only milestone that Facebook has reached recently. Incredibly, the social networking site has also reached the 300 million mark in terms of users. It was only three months ago that Facebook had 200 million users. Getting a hundred million more users within a span of three months attests to the fact that Facebook is still generating quite an amount of interest in the online world. And to think that all these started in 2004 and by a college student can be, in itself, quite something to behold.