Microsoft Begins Office Web Apps

September 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Microsoft Logo

With the bright future of cloud computing still fresh in everyone’s minds, the technology giants are making it even quite exciting by trying to go on the same path themselves. Many see many of the more important computing applications today have their own online versions that people can access and use straight from the Web. Google has done it with its own Google Docs. Now Microsoft is coming up with its own Web-based applications for its popular Office suite.

The software company giant has recently announced through its website that its own Microsoft Office Web Apps will be undergoing some technical testing and review with select consumers starting Thursday, September 17, 2009. This review will only be limited to select participants by invitation only. But it signals the first time that the Office Web Apps will be scrutinized by consumers through a live online environment.

The consumer testing stage, dubbed as the Community Technology Preview or CTP, will be made available to its selected testers through the Windows Live SkyDrive.  Test participants will be able to try out the free consumer version of the Office Web Apps. Up for testing would be the Web based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The current version for testing would include editing and creating documents for Excel and PowerPoint. The Web version for Word would be tested only as a document viewer with the editing features still being worked upon.

When the Office Web Apps have done with the development and testing are finally launched, the company promises that the Web based versions would all offer editing features although not all of the desktop version capabilities will be included. Microsoft reiterates that the Office Web Apps will not be a replacement for its predecessor but rather complement it in terms of usability, especially on the Web. The fact that they are offered for free use online would make it quite a welcome change. Many are hoping that it comes out as good or even better as many are expecting.