Gmail Experiences Another Outage

September 25th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Gmail Logo

It was only fairly recently that the big outage that Gmail went through happened. It seems that there was another one that happened recently, although it affected only a fairly small number of Gmail users this time. But it did not stop those affected from Tweeting their experience, the same way how most breaking news today seem to spread.

The outage was reported to have happened September 24 at around 7 am PDT. Some users reported not being able to access their Gmail, Chat and contacts. It took around a couple of hours for the people at Gmail to resolve the issue which would be a great sigh of relief, not only to Google Mail users but also for the people at Google themselves. Frequent outages like this, no matter how small, won’t look good for Google, a company known to have advanced computer systems running.

So far, Google have gone through Gmail outages in February, April and twice this September. Although Gmail is a free email service, and people have to bear with such unfortunate instances sometimes for being a free service, it does not bode well for Google in any way. Many people still depend on Gmail to get a number of their tasks going day to day, this includes people with small businesses and even casual users.

Frequent outages may lead to disgruntled users if ever they become all too frequent in the future. Some users may start looking for alternatives just to ensure that they would not get affected by that next outage. And to think that it was only recently that Gmail got out of Beta stage, big or small outages might not really be a good thing no matter how you look at it.