Nintendo Wii Finally Engages The Price Slash Game

September 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Nintendo Logo

No, it is not a new video game title that Nintendo Wii will be promoting. The price slashing game has actually been going along the previous months with other gaming console makers such as Sony and Microsoft, in response to the dire circumstances that the whole gaming industry currently finds itself in. Or it might be due to keeping the competition up, we just don’t know for sure. But the good thing is, especially for avid game console consumers is that Nintendo has also joined in the price slashing bandwagon.

Nintendo Wii, has recently brought down the price of the basic Wii unit down to only US$199 from its previous $300 price tag. This should put the Wii still in a very comfortable area in the gaming console market. Although such a move for Nintendo was being expected due to their competitor’s own moves as well as the current down market for gaming, it was only recently that the company actually confirmed the price slash for the Wii.

It is considered as a good business move for the gaming console makers in general since it may help attract consumers into buying their gaming consoles especially in a generally bleak economic picture. The game console price slash will also be enhanced by the upcoming releases of new game titles leading to the holiday season. The gaming industry is hoping for a brisk holiday season to get the gaming industry up from its current decline this past several months.