Dropbox iPhone App

September 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Dropbox on iPhone

Cloud computing seems to be becoming quite an interesting concept, now that most people can always stay online while on the go. Desktops are not the only ones that applications are being developed for. Mobile phones have become quite an attractive market especially that iPhones have popularized the Apps concept.

Talking about iPhone Apps, there seems to be no limit as to what applications one can now have on his or her smart phone. Accessing files would no longer be a problem now that iPhone users may be able to access them from the "cloud". This is what the Dropbox app for iPhone will be providing.

Dropbox is an online storage application that allows users to store their pdf’s, pictures, documents and other files in the cloud. With the Dropbox iPhone app, users may be able to access them just as conveniently through their iPhones. The "Favorites" feature of the app will even allow iPhone users to access their files while offline. By hitting the star icon found at the bottom of the file, this will make files accessible even while offline.

The Dropbox app also allows iPhone users to share their Dropbox files and folders to friends also with Dropbox accounts. It is as simple as entering the email address to allow file and folder sharing. Another great feature of this new app is that it allows iPhone users to stream music and video files directly into their phones. The app also allows users to upload images taken by their phone camera through Dropbox. Now, how cool is that?