Google Chrome Frame For IE

October 2nd, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Chrome Frame

For a long time now, many people have been complaining about Microsoft Internet Explorer being so slow in implementing changes on the browser that would allow it to render websites designed using HTML5 and other newer open web technology standards more effectively.

And being the most popular web browser today, it seems that Microsoft might just be alienating many users simply by doing this. It may just make some of them switch to other web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

Whether the software giant does it to protect its business or for some other reason, the snail’s pace that they go about in implementing newer standards for the highly popular IE is driving some people crazy (if exaggeration is to be considered, of course).

On the part of Google, the "other" giant in the industry, they have been developing their own web browser in Google Chrome that has been quite good at rendering sites using HTML5 and other popular open web technologies to the delight of the more serious Web surfers and developers out there.

It’s no secret that Google knows about the rendering issues and problems that IE web browser users have been complaining about. And somehow to address that problem, Google has provided an ingenious solution- make IE run like Chrome. This is where the Google Chrome Frame comes into the picture.

The Google Chrome Frame is a plug in developed by the search technology giant for Internet Explorer that allows it to render websites using the Google Chrome engine. Once installed, the Google Chrome Frame can be used to render sites from within the IE browser. Now, how ingenious is that?

Through the Google Chrome Frame, IE users may now be able to render previously problematic websites more effectively. You can say that it is a work-around to the problems ailing IE users in its lack of support for newer open web technologies. But here is the thing- the Google Chrome Frame may actually be transforming IE into Google Chrome by the way it runs from within the browser! Pretty ingenious indeed.

Herein lies the controversy- the Google Chrome Frame was developed entirely by Google without inputs from the people from Microsoft IE. So far, Microsoft hasn’t done anything quite as nasty yet about this new Google Chrome Frame plug in that is still on its beta stage.

But the way things are happening, surely the people at Microsoft are somehow a bit taken aback by this, to say the least. It seems that the smell of some big battle is out looming in the horizon for the two giants of technology.