Rock Band Game Coming Into iPhones

October 10th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Rock Band For iPhone

It seems that game developers have been trying to reach out into as many gaming platforms as possible. In this case, games that have become popular in gaming consoles are finding their way into smart phones. And it is no surprise that a popular game such as Rock Band would be made available in your iPhone sometime this month.

EA Mobile has announced that it will be releasing their very popular rock music game title and making it available at the Apple App Store sometime this month. It is said to also have multi-player features just like its game console version via Bluetooth. Players can choose either by playing any member of the band and get their fingers tapping in tune to several rock songs made by some of today’s popular bands.

EA is hoping that the popularity of its highly popular console game will also be greeted with the same anticipation in its mobile phone version. A lot of people in the gaming industry are surely expecting and hoping that this will start off the recovery from the recent downtime that the whole industry has been experiencing. Most of them are expecting that the release of new game titles and sequels of popular ones especially for the upcoming holidays would greatly help the industry recover from the beating they experienced due to the economic recession.