Sidekick Outage a Blow On Microsoft

October 12th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Sidekick Smartphone

Microsoft Danger, the partnership that brought to the consumers the T-Mobile Sidekick smart phone has announced that it may have lost all or most of the personal data of Sidekick users that are being stored on its servers.

An even sadder thing is that Microsoft Danger may have slim chances of ever restoring or retrieving the lost data. The said loss was said to be due to a supposed server failure at Microsoft Danger base. But others say that it was due to Microsoft Danger’s failure to backup the server data before they went through some upgrading or maintenance on their systems. There is no official word yet from the companies involved concerning what actually happened.

Whatever the problem was, certain setbacks have been experienced by Sidekick users for some weeks that led to many customer complaints. Sidekick has been known as a smart phone that relies heavily on the cloud.

Many of its data such as personal contacts, calendar and even pictures are being stored and synched up in the Microsoft Danger servers instead of locally. The advantage is that this will help free up storage limitations on the smart phone. But then, just with the Sidekick outage experienced by its users, this might not always be a good idea after all.

Microsoft is trying to develop its business along the lines of making its products gradually available on the cloud. But the recent bad experiences with their sidekick subsidiary may deal some blow into their competence of handling such a technology and offering it to their customers.

It may look quite a small hitch for some when it comes to looking at the bigger picture, but such problems may even cost them quite a lot especially in trying to establish trust and reliance among the customers that they are reaching out to.

If Microsoft can come up with a good reason for the outage, some customers might be able to understand. But if the problem arose due to a simple and overlooked mistake such as not making backups, then most people may not be as forgiving.