New iPhones Now Block Jailbreaking Methods

October 14th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Jailbreaking iPhones have recently become quite common among iPhone users. A jailbreak is a term being commonly used for the method of opening up an Apple iPhone to allow it to install applications that are not approved by Apple. But new releases of the iPhone 3GS now is able to block jailbreaking attempts, or rather making it impossible for people to do so unless another exploit in the new units are discovered.

Jailbreaking an iPhone was possible as a result of a certain exploit found in the phone’s boot system known as the 24kPwn. It is a bit of code found on the iPhone’s bootrom that allows knowledgeable users to open their phones up and do just about anything. But unfortunately, such exploits have been recently closed by Apple by installing new bootroms on their new iPhone 3GS shipments this October.

Although many people may find many reasons why they need to jailbreak their iPhones, only one reason may justify why Apple is doing what it did. Jailbreaking may have given iPhone users the option to install apps not available on the Apple App Store for their personal use. But then again, it is this same method that would allow piracy to spread over iPhone use as a jailbreak can also allow iPhones to install cracked versions of legitimate apps. Such issues always remain debatable, with anyone having their own valid arguments to point out no matter which side one takes. But for now, it is Apple that has won out on this one.