Google Upbeat With Recent Earnings News

October 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

It has been some time since US companies have been feeling this upbeat. The economic recession has continually been grinding and it has been grinding slow. But certain market news may have shown some indications that the worst may be over. But how long will the difficulties last still remains to be seen.

But despite this year’s economic woes, its a good thing that some businesses are finally experiencing better days. On the technology front, it may be good to know that online search giant Google have gained back some dose of optimism after seeing better than expected 3rd quarter earnings figures. Google enjoyed what may turn out to be its largest 3rd quarter profit in its 11-year history. The $4.38 billion 3rd quarter earnings was better than the financial analyst estimates of $4.24 billion.

The good news may have prompted Google to feel upbeat and maybe try to go on acquisition mode once again. The recent recession has put acquisitions on hold over concerns that the economy may still be suffering. The higher than expected earning figures have given Google reason to go back to its innovating and investing ways. A lot of people may be hoping that the good things last and continue on for other companies. As more and more see better earnings figures in the coming weeks, it might help reinforce current indications that the generally battered economy is indeed on its way to recovery.